gratitude-a thon day 162: who inspires authors (and some other stuff, too)


Hey, this is fun. It’s an article about authors and who inspired them. I love that stuff. And plus, it’s really sunny and I’m getting my rapidly growing behind to da beach, BECAUSE I MISSED A WHOLE WEEK OF BEACH due to inclement weather, so today, we’re going with this spiffy little article as my gratitude, but really, I could add, coffee on the deck, black eyed susan’s, zinnias, the New York Times on a day when i have time to read the whole darn thing, and my cutie cute guy Riley.



gratitude-a-thon day 161: the sound of the ocean


The sound of the ocean is like a bottle of valium to me. The gentle regularity of the in and out is calming and soothing and makes me feel I’m right where I should be. Maybe I was a mermaid in a past life? Somehow I’ve always felt a deep connection and longing to be near the sea. It’s where my bones settle in, and my mind feels peaceful and the corners of my mouth turn upward unconsciously. Today it sounds gorgeous. With summer breeze accompaniment, it’s a perfect day. A totally perfect day.

gratitude-a-thon day 160: the amazing little kindle


It’s been pretty awful weather, so I’ve been reading a lot. Aside from all the magazines on the stands right now (Matthew Perry’s life of addiction (People), Ava Gardner and her wild life (Vanity Fair), The Pursuit of Happiness, (Time) the Doma decision (the New Yorker), Is Your House Making You Fat? (Real Simple), Paula Deans Race Rants, Worse Than You Think (Us), and so much more, I’ve been on my Kindle. Now this thing is the ultimate in reading. While I have to admit that I still am a real book person, I am outta my mind crazy about the fact that you can just sample any book, and then BUY it. And the best part is you could be ANYWHERE. You can be on the toilet, in the car, in your bed, on a bike, in a box, be a fox–well you get it. It’s just so fun. It’s better than internet shopping, or real shopping even.

Here’s to the Kindle. Instant reading!

gratitude-a-thon day 159: the west tisbury farmer’s market

One of the best parts of the Vineyard is the West Tisbury Farmer’s Market. Not only is it filled with great stuff to eat, from local farms and bakeries, it’s got flowers. BEAUTIFUL, INCREDIBLE FLOWERS. I just love to be there and look around, because it’s like a really fattening dessert for my eyeballs.

Stannard Farm’s display is poetic. Really, this truck looked like a painting.
I’ve been buying flowers from this guy for like 20 years. I don’t know his name, but he’s a sweetie.
I always buy a topiary while I’m here. This year I bought a really cool one–it’s a scented rose geranium. You rub the leaves and it gives off this fantastic smell that’s supposed to ward off mosquitoes, which is really good, CUZ IN ALL THIS RAIN, THOSE GUYS ARE HAVING A LOT OF SEX AND MAKING MORE OF THEMSELVES.
There’s also music, which just makes everything more fun! Here’s Kevin Keady.


gratitude-a-thon day 158: way to celebrate

No post yesterday because we had internet issues. I’m on vacation and well, things don’t always go right on an Island. That could be applied to the weather too, as it HAS BEEN RAINING SINCE WE GOT HERE. But, that just means I have to work extra hard on the gratitude front. SO GRATEFUL THAT IT’S NOT SNOWING.

Anyway, I’m sure you’re all sick, sick, sick to death of hearing about graduation, but this is more of a design-ish, celebratory-ish thing. It’s what I did for Jake on our front stairs the week he graduated to make him feel the monumental-ness of the moment. I love branches (I think I was once a tree) and I have them tied to the stairs. At Christmas I put lights on them, and they were still up (no, I wasn’t that lazy, I just really like them), so I got these little paperclips from Paper Source and paper clipped up a a bunch of photo of Jake’s life, some award things, and programs from the pre-graduation events, and a little “congratulations” sign. During his party, it was sort of fun for people to see him as a baby and stuff. ┬áBut mostly it was fun to see his face when he saw it. That was the best part.