gratitude-a-thon day 2098: the sea

Yesterday was rainy and it took me back to a day in February when Daisy and I were walking on the Strand in Manhattan Beach, the waves rushing in looked like they’d used six boxes of Crest White Strips. We were being pelted by rain, but the two of us couldn’t have been happier.

For me the ocean is like an expensive, over-the-top spa Jenifer Aniston must go to routinely (cuz how else could she look that good). It’s like that old Preparation H tagine–“Shrinks Swelling–” the swelling of stress that can take me over, of the overwhelm this cuckoo clock world brings, of the worry that likes to tag along with me like an annoying little sibling your mom says you have to take care of even though you have plans with your friends. Maybe it goes back to my childhood, days filled with salty happiness, seaside barbecues, swimming and jetty walks, or maybe it’s just genetic because, for my mother, it was the place she most liked to be. Whatever it is, it feels like it would show up in my DNA test –“We’ve never seen this before, Bill, it’s, it’s, why I think it’s seawater.”

I love a city, take me to Europe, an intimate, historical town, but the true way to make me breathe with ease of a meditation class, to click my neurological system into cruise control, to incite my best self is to take me to the sea.

The rhythm of the waves is nature’s white noise. It can lull me to sleep, or just make my heart runneth over with hope and an overdose of “all is well.” Sand in my toes is my preferred state. Give me the seagulls swooping and squawking, the unmistakable and iconic aroma of Coppertone.

California has a lotta beach. I watched a lot of surfers dot the water with grace and guts while Daisy and I galavanted around on our daily walks. As I watched them skim across the water’s swells, Cirque de Soleil style, I would catch a quick glimpse of a grin. The same kind of grin I always have being oceanside–one made of pure, unadulterated gratitude.

gratitude-a-thon day 2097: book ’em, dano

Trump has been arrested. And I hear he’s being tried as an adult (I stole that from someone much wittier than I am on the internet). I have feelings. You can find me singing the Hallelujah chorus all over the place. I’m all, like Laura Linney in Love Actually, (If haven’t seen this movie, sweet baby JESUS, watch immediately), when she brings home her totally hunky co-worker Karl, who she’s had a crush on for “precisely two years, seven months, three days, and an hour and thirty minutes” and finally kisses him, and does a little dance.


Republicans say it’s politically motivated. Isn’t it actually the oldest law in the book–WHEN YOU GET CAUGHT BREAKING THE LAW IN THIS COUNTRY, YOU GET ARRESTED, AND TRIED IN A COURT OF LAW. I mean, am I missing something? I mean, if those same people are going to continue to hold tight to the Second Amendment right to bear arms, which means you can carry around an AR-15 and shoot up little kids in a school, then they are mighty law-abiding folks, right? And if they can also support a Supreme Court that has its head up our daughter’s vaginas, ruling on what kinda decor they can have in there, then surely they should support someone who has broken the law being arrested, right? I mean, AMIRIGHT?

I am looking forward to the perp walk, and all the other shenanigans that will follow, including the three other cases, which will hopefully be brought against him–the Georgia voting scandal and January 6 Insurrection among them. This guy has broken the law more than I have broken my promise to buy no more jewelry.

Yes, I do realize this may further divide our country and cause insurrection-ish violence. But are we supposed to ignore that Trump has broken the law? Are we supposed to handle it like The Mob–“Don’t arrest Big Joey, or he’ll kill your family.” NO, YOU DO SOMETHING ILLEGAL AND YOU GET ARRESTED.

Anyway, don’t bother me on Tuesday, I’ll be watching what I’ve been waiting for for years. I am grateful we still arrest people who do wrong. If there were a police department who arrested the morally and ethically bankrupt –Trump would already be serving a life sentence.