ToniretouchedHi, I’m Toni Lansbury. I’m a wife, a mom, a sister, a dog owner, and an exceptionally good friend (I used to be a daughter, but then my  parents both died, which was a real bummer). I am also a freelance advertising copywriter, an antique junkie, a movie obsessed dog fanatic who loves the beach, good writing, good coffee, design, pop culture, the quirky, the unexpected, and the ridiculous, who thinks that laughing is up there with the great religions of the world. And I wrap a very nice gift. (I am also a whole bunch of other things, but let’s face, who has time to hear about them.)

I started this blog because historically, when I find myself in a really bad mood, I write down things I’m grateful for everyday, which makes me feel better, and in December of last year, instead of using a notebook to write them down, I used Facebook. And a funny thing happened: I not only felt better, but a whole bunch of other people felt better, too. And they encouraged me (full disclosure: some begged) to continue to write about what I was grateful for, which I called “the gratitude-a-thon,” (ya know, like a gratitude marathon). I decided I would, and this blog was born (it was a very easy birth–no epidural necessary).