gratitude-a-thon day 2069: your viewing options


How did people have stay-off-your-feet surgery before Cable, Netflix, Prime and Hulu? (By the way, even Facebook has a show–and it’s pretty good–it’s called Sorry for Your Loss.)

I mean, it used to be that, believe it or not, and I know my kids think this is an urban legend, we had three stations–ABC, CBS and NBC. AND we didn’t have remotes to change from one of those three stations to the other. WE HAD TO GET UP OFF THE COUCH


If you were sick, you watched a preposterous, mind-numbing soap opera (oh Luke, oh Laura), or Let’s Make a Deal, or The Match Game or The Mike Douglas Show or Merv Griffin. Cartoons were on a few times a day, but if you were stuck in the den with a fever, you couldn’t watch Bugs Bunny for more than an hour because he just wasn’t on.

I’ve been stuck in the house for the past week and without the bazillion options on the telly, I’d be completely bonkers. Of course, I’ve read a couple of books and also every political site there is. And of course, I’ve been internet shopping for my bathroom renovation, which at the moment sounds like the entire world is exploding on my second floor.

So, today there is gratitude for Difficult People on Hulu, Dark and Safe on Netflix and of course, the Trump show on CNN and CNBC (which just keeps just getting better and better). Despite the plethora of entertainment, I cannot wait to get back on my feet.



gratitude-a-thon day 2004: a good binge


With the world so completely out of its ever loving mind, I find solace where I can. A good binge-worthy series is often my drug of choice. And, no calories!

I couldn’t get myself to watch Stranger Things, despite the fact that even my dog had apparently watched it and loved it. I am not a sci-fi kind of girl, and I don’t like being scared either.

But, with a pedophile about to be elected in Alabama, one must do what one must do. And so, without movies offered in our hotel this past weekend, we hooked up my computer to the tv (oh, don’t be impressed, actually Ally did) and decided to give Stranger Things a try.


Peter and I were immediately hooked. A little bit Poltergeist, a little bit E.T., with some Stand By Me and Close Encounters of the Third Kind thrown in, this 80’s story is an absolute blast.

A powerful girl, an honest cop, a corrupt government agency, a devoted mom, a teenge love story, a geeky gang of outsider boys, a mystery, all living together in that time when you could ride your bike around and not fear being abducted.

If you need a diversion, this is it. Good, innocent, alternative universe fun.