gratitude-a-thon day 784: Ground control to major tom and out: when an icon dies


Some people are just more talented, more original, more fucking cool, than other people. Like David Bowie, for instance, who lost his battle with cancer yesterday. I’m kind of surprised he succumbed to anything, he was such a supersonic power in the world.

“Changes”, “Modern Love”, “Space Oddity”, “Suffragette City”, “All the Young Dudes”, “Let’s Dance”, “Heroes”, and “Rebel Rebel”, make time instantly rewind for me, like I’m in one of those Back to the Future movies. Those songs make me feel like an angsty,  rebellious, and passionate teenager, a whirling mass of sweat on the dance floor of my twenties. Those songs, those lyrics, that music, filled me, formed me, and helped me find out who I was. Those songs, so powerful create an immediate, and visceral connection to several other me’s

Some of the most talented and iconic names in music are starting to get older, and the inevitable will begin to happen, as it happened to Bowie. They will, one by one, die. And with their passings, a feeling of being the generation in  control, forever young, will die too. All the young dudes….

Glasses up to David Bowie, a pioneer, and a powerhouse. Inventive, and fashionable, always looking ahead, with a nod and a wink to what came before. He gave us drama, and dance music, an opportunity to be understood, to be different, and a chance to sing loudly and dance wildly around our living rooms (oh,maybe that was just me).