gratitude-a-thon day 965: twinkle lights as a post-election pepper upper

Buh-bye. Bring on the twinkle lights.

I never did much in the way of decorating for Halloween when the kids were little. Of course, I was big on the pumpkins. I kind of love carving them, and who doesn’t crave a salty, crispy pumpkin seed? But this year, for whatever bizarre, and random reason, I bought orange lights and wrapped them around a pumpkin as a small part of my spooky display. (WHAT is wrong with me?)

And they’re still out there. My neighbors have their Christmas wreaths out and I still have my  day of the dead pumpkin (that I painted–again, not that I ever did this when the kids were home) and my virgin orange lights.

Part of it is laziness, but part of it is that it’s not even December yet. Must we already decorate a full month in advance?

The answer may be yes. And the reason may be that guy (sloth, liar, totally loco lad) who was just elected president. The intense stress of election season may have pushed me into decorating a full 30 days prior to the holiday, just to make things seem less bleak and scary.

So, today it will be: unplug the orange lights, throw away the painted pumpkin (this is so hard to do, i have grown to love this face), and get out the holiday bling. Like the song says, “We need a little Christmas right this very minute.” Yup, we do.