gratitude-a-thon day 511: the freedom to say whatever the fuck you want, including “fuck”


I admit, I was afraid to go see The Interview in a theater, for fear that I’d get a side of violence with my popcorn. (What I should have been afraid of was how BAD this movie was. Personally, I think that’s what North Korea was really mad about). But I quickly realized that I was not standing up for one of the basic rights that makes our country different, and a better place than so many other places. And now with the Charlie Hedbo massacre, France is in the same boat with us, needing to protect a right that is as vital to us as breathing.

Without free speech, we’re ignoring the beauty of the myriad of views that make this a horse race. Every voice is important. Even Ann Coulter (someone who I abhor, and share nothing with, but the fact that we both have vaginas) should be able to say what she wants. In this country, as in France, we support the freedom to say what we will.

I’m enormously grateful for, or should I say “fucking grateful for” one of the things that’s just so right about this country: the freedom of expression, of words, of speech. It must be encouraged, it must be nurtured, it must be protected.