gratitude-a-thon day 2059: hahahah


I cannot adequately express the gratitude I have for laughing, for looking at the funny side, for allowing humor to lift me up when my spirits are sagging like that plant you keep forgetting to water.

Stupid, bad, totally shit things happen all the time to all of us. Stuff that’s painful and absurd and disturbing. Events that force you to change tracks just when you thought things were going swimmingly. Conditions that turn the whole shebang all upside down and inside out. And honestly, the only way I have been able to get through uninvited misery is by standing back and just laughing at it.

Life can be so fucking serious. But if you can find a way to joke about something as challenging as death, or disease, somehow, comfort and perspective show up and bring all their funny friends. When hideous events occur, that you can’t even imagine, not even on your best imagining day, and you can somehow laugh at them, you are setting yourself up to survive them. If you can lighten up, after you cry seventeen buckets of tears, you can laugh. And if you can laugh, you can get through just about any insanity that comes down the pike. Laughing is a lone mint in the bottom of your bag, when your breath could kill an entire train of subway riders–it can save your life.

So, gratitude for the ability to find the funny, even when it seems to be impossible, hidden, on vacation. If you can put a flashlight to a giggle, you can keep going, no matter what.


gratitude-a-thon day 102: barack’s bangs


I have been crazy in love with our president since the day he started running his campaign eight years ago. And what’s better than a super cool, smart guy? A super cool, smart, FUNNY guy. I laugh at this picture every time I see it. Check out an excerpt from the Correspondence Dinner. Love you, Barack. With bangs, or without ’em!

gratitude-a-thon day 86: the new k-mart commercial

I worship at the alter of the funny, and I have worked in advertising for a really, REALLY long time, so this Sunday morning, I’m giving it up to a K-Mart commercial. This made me laugh out loud. So loud, it woke one of the kids, and they were pissed. Anyway, take a peek. I never thought I’d be thankful for K-Mart, but this morning I am.