gratitude-a-thon day 824: the poor republican party



My husband and I are Democrats. We’ve struggled with the decision to support a candidate we love, who resonates with us in the deepest way, and one we know will be able to do the job, but for which we feel no real passion. In the end, we will support Hillary, because the idea of Trump being our president is just too off-the-charts TERRIFYING

But this morning, my husband said something interesting, while reading all the headlines about Trump trampling the competition on Super Tuesday, headlines like, The Daily News
“Make America Migrate,” and The Huffpost’s “The Wreckoning,”or the Daily Beasts‘, “It’s all over, but the crying.” He said, “Imagine if you were a real Republican, what you’d feel like right now.”

And that’s something to consider. Because while┬ámy mom toted me along to work on Democratic political campaigns in my town, and I was brought up to believe fully, and wholeheartedly in the Donkey party, I knew that Republicans were not bad people, that the beliefs were just different than what we believed. But the Republican party has become a three ring circus married to Burning Man. It’s so fractured, splintered, and all out identity-less, it’s difficult to recognize what the hell its core beliefs even are anymore.

Imagine if you were a real Republian. Grateful not to have to do that. But, really, imagine if you were.