gratitude-a-thon day 2033: I heart coffee


This was an especially delish cappuccino in South Beach at a little Italian place that was supremo. And that heart, that’s how I feel about coffee.


God, that first sip of coffee. Sigh, gasp. Happy face.

I will, every once in a while, if I’m really beyond exhausted and have to be on that night, have a second cup in the afternoon, or a little swallow, but really I’m just that morning wake up cup that says, “hey, brain, start it up, we’re on deck.”

I heat the milk in the microwave and there’s a whole lot of it. I am big on the milk, albeit lactaid milk, truth is I can’t tell the difference. Then I pour in the coffee and a generous teaspoon of agave. I know some people think agave is bad for you, but I am a little in love with the taste of it and you need less than sugar, which people also think is bad for you, but I am a moderation person, so I sing along with Mary Poppins “Just a spoonful of sugar.”

Yes, I’ve gratituded over coffee before, but can one be too thankful that one’s cup runneth over with Dunkin’?  It’s the little things. Today it’s the coffee.