gratitude-a-thon day 578: Pink, the singer, not the color

So, poor Pink, the singer, not the color, is being fat-shamed. Being famous, for all its positives, is a mother fucker, in that you are judged every moment of your life. So, if you wear a dress that doesn’t make you look emaciated, get ready for a firestorm of twitterati. And get out your earbuds, if you gain a few pounds. GOD FORBID IF YOU ARE FAMOUS AND YOU GAIN A FEW POUNDS  (and you thought it was bad as a regular person), because you are going to hear about it.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that a couple years ago, my good friend Colleen and I went to a Pink Concert. We had great seats, and let me tell you, the things Pink’s body could do were Barnum & Bailey, Cirque de Soleil SPECTACULAR. This woman is like a freaking Mexican jumping bean on crack. She was literally FLYING through the air. Her abs were rock hard, her legs as muscular as a body builder dude. Her voice was clear and beautiful too, but her athleticism was like, crazy out of this world.

You really cannot believe what Pink was doing at her concert. The contortions, the ballet moves she pulled off hanging from rope. At one point, she literally dive-bombed into he audience. Look at those legs. The woman defines muscular.

Here’s what Pink, the singer, not the color, said to the twits on Twitter:


Ha! And she was at 11%, too! Pink’s music is empowering, and I’ve always loved her spirit. I even like the dress she’s being shamed for wearing. She is an admirable, powerful, smart performer/mommy. Thanks for speaking up. Take that, you stupid haters.