gratitude-a-thon day 290: telling the truth

A really brave college sophomore tells the truth and helps solve the problem of rape on campus.

Scanning Facebook the other day and amidst the Christmas tree photos and posts of vacations, cute kids, and Candy Crush requests, I came across something that just stopped me dead, and made my heart beat a little faster. Someone I used to work with’s daughter was going to be on Chronicle that night and she was telling people to watch. But it wasn’t the cute story you might imagine a mom would brag about.

Jackie, a sophomore at Syracuse had been raped a few months ago and instead of cowering in the shadows and allowing this life altering experience to stop her, she came forward to publicly tell her story and try and help other girls who have been sexually assaulted to do the same. Go Jackie. And big kudos to some great parenting by her supportive family, too.

According to the story, 25% of young women, that’s one in four will be sexually assaulted before graduating. And less than 5% of rapists ever see a day in jail. Ouch. These statistics are overwhelmingly terrifying.

Please watch this and spread the word. Especially if you have teenagers. This is an epidemic, and people like Jackie are courageously creating change. The truth always sets you free. Thanks, Jackie, for being brave instead of scared. Wishing you the very best stuff as you heal. You’re awesomeosity.