gratitude-a-thon day 492: love kills hate


One hundred and forty five Pakistani school children are dead. A Sydney cafe terrorist attack, the first of its kind in more than 35 years, left two dead. Hackers threatening American movie goers to think of 9/11 if they dare go see a Seth Rogan, James Franco movie.

You know how in Peter Pan, Tinkerbell drinks some medicine that Captain Hook is trying to use to kill Peter Pan, and Tink’s light goes out, signifying that she is dying, and then Peter asks the audience if they believe, and if they do, to clap their hands? Well, I am feeling like that’s what we need to do in the world right now. Only replace “believe” with “love”. Because we are embarking on some very ugly shit.


It’s not just that it’s the holiday season, and that these events are so un-holiday like, that’s getting to me. It’s that I just wonder how people can be so evil. To kill children, to involve them in a dispute, is to be sub-human.


The only way I know to counteract hate, is with love. The great philosophers say it, the great poets, the great activists. Open your heart, do it silently, on social media, in your place of worship, with your friends, and your enemies. The only killing that needs to happen in the world right now, is that of the intense hate among so many factions of people. It sounds simplistic, right? And it is. Love is the simplest answer there is.