gratitude-a-thon day 404: maya angelou, an original voice


Some people make the world better, richer, more like the place we all want it to be. If only Maya Angelou could have been cloned before she passed. This woman was the true, real and best of what we can be. I will miss her wisdom, deep and soulful voice, and most of all her gorgeous ability to synthesize beauty and truth into powerful words that made us better.


gratitude-a-thon day 347: h.b. maya angelou


Happy birthday to the exceptional and inspiring Maya Angelou, who  has written many a profound thing or two in her long life, but it was this, about aging, that is probably the funniest (she said it on an Oprah show back in ’02):

“And the breasts are very interesting,” Dr. Angelou says, the audience erupting in laughter. “Because they are in an incredible race to see which one will touch my waist first!”

Grateful for all of her spectacular writing (and, well, this).