gratitude-a-thon day 459: you win some, you lose some


We lost the game yesterday, but we played with heart and sole (and soul). I take small comfort in the fact that the other team had really ugly uniforms (they were flesh colored, yes, flesh colored, and yes, I am that shallow, yes I am), but their goalie was killer. We had a great season. This year we got into the playoffs. Next year, we’ll do even better.

In an even more horrible loss, we had our asses whooped last night, and by “we,” I mean Democrats. I take small comfort in the fact that Scott Brown, who moved from Massachusetts to New Hampshire to run for senator there, after losing to Elizabeth Warren, here, got spanked by Jean Shaheen. I wonder what state he’ll move to next? As for the rest of the night, all I can say is “FUCK” in 10 billion point type. Here’s an interesting article on how Obama might proceed.