gratitude-a-thon day 758: no more S.A.T. books in this house



Child #2 has been accepted to college! No more lame tours, obsessive googling of G.P.A.’s, middle-of-the-night panic. Kick the S.A.T. books to the curb. We are done. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, despite his puppy school prowess, RILEY IS NOT GOING TO COLLEGE.

We have been very lucky over here, to have both our kids get into their first choice schools. This doesn’t always happen, and we are counting our expensive blessings. But, although things went our way, I have to say that I find the whole college process to be extremely dehumanizing. As I reminded a friend’s incredibly brilliant daughter who found out she didn’t get into her first choice the other day, DON’T FORGET YOU ARE THE SAME AWESOME KID YOU WERE THE DAY BEFORE THIS STUPID REJECTION. And this is truth. But you don’t feel like the same awesome kid, you feel like you’re somehow less.

And that shouldn’t be what college is about.

Especially, if you’re a superstar student, which this girl is. She is actually a ¬†cool cat, and has already moved on. But how many kids kill themselves in high school reaching for the brass ring of acceptance letters and are left empty-handed? From what I can see, plenty.

Then there is the whole issue of money. The ability to pay for college has become a factor in your acceptability. ¬†Shouldn’t that be illegal? Once again, people with financial security have a leg up. I’m on the right side of it, but I find it a dismal state of affairs.

But I digress, Ally Lansbury is officially playing soccer for Trinity College, class of 2020! She is amazing, and awesome, and about to kick some serious ass. Go Bantams. Go Ally! COULDN’T BE PROUDER.