gratitude-a-thon day 581: fucking right


This morning a fourth friend messaged me informing me, via this article, that those who love to swear do not do so because of a poor vocabulary, a disdainful character, or a “Mommy Dearest” upbringing. Turns out we “emotional” folk, who like to say “fuck” are actually thought to be more attractive, confident about what we think, and better able to manage our stress. Take that judgmental haters.

Anyone who reads this blog or knows me for approximately 4.3 seconds, is aware that I have a deep and abiding love for the four letter word. I admire the world class flexibility, acrobatic agility, and all around good nature of the “F” word, and have been known to string some foul and nasty words together in an effort to get across my point.  I am the real life “Deb” (you know, Dexter’s sister).

I know that letting a profanity fly in the wrong face is a no-no. And I have on occasion, misjudged a situation, and let my loose lips go the distance, but what the fuck, you win some, you lose some. My work partner shudders when I swear in front of a client, (which I occasionally do), or a class we’re teaching (which I also occasionally do), but I believe in some cases, it makes my audience more comfortable. I am making a judgement. I’m almost always right.

The truth is that I’m a pretty passionate person. When I swear it’s generally to emphasize something, or to make someone laugh. A cuss word used as a retort, or to amplify a retort, can be pretty damn funny.

I was raised with the NYT, and The New Yorker. I know plenty of words I could use in place of an obscenity. My penchant for swearing is just a part of me. And apparently, it makes me hotter, so like, I’m not going to stop now.