gratitude-a-thon day 848: one smart cookie


The Amy Schumer vs. Glamour mag. debacle. Seems Glamour did a  Plus-size issue, and put Amy’s name on the cover. Amy made a fuss, because she says plus-size is considered size 12 and up and she is a 6-8. On the surface you might think Amy is whining about being considered plus-size, but really what she’s saying is if a 6 or an 8 is now plus size, what message are we sending to our girls?

Pretty soon will a 2 or a 4 be plus size? Will a 0 be considered normal? I need to lose some weight.

Body acceptance is a slippery slope for us women. Even us older girls, like me. The media has glorified the adolescent body to such an extent that an ounce of fat has practically become a criminal offense. Don’t even discuss the word “cellulite,” and shut the front door if you decide to let yourself age naturally.

Anyway, this is a topic that I could discuss for the next year, but I will leave it at this: Amy Schumer is a God. She is smart and calls bullshit when she sees it. Don’t be mistaken that she is somehow insulted by Glamour calling her plus size because she’s vain, she’s pissed because she’s smart, and sees through the absolute absurdity that we have to have labels to start with.