gratitude-a-thon day 1020: Get out, no really GET OUT


I have been trying to keep my mind off of politics.

But it’s so hard when there is slashing and burning of things that matter.

Is it possible that Trump is not an actual human being?

Anywho, last night’s political distraction was the movie Get Out.¬†And seriously, you should get out and see it. Talk about a political statement. I’m not going to give away any of the plot points, because 1) I always give away too much. 2) I always give away too much, but this is a movie that will create discussion at the dinner table. Like even if you’re eating alone–that’s how provocative it is.

It’s Jordan Peele, of Key and Peele’s directorial debut. Dude wrote it, too. In case you just thought he was a sidekick, or riding on Keegan Michael Key’s coattails, you will change your mind mighty quick once you see this movie and really ponder it’s depth.

Also, as if I didn’t think the big cushy barca-lounger chairs at the Super Lux and the full menu of food and drink brought to your seat weren’t decadent enough, BREAKING NEWS: they’re now offering free blankets. FREE. COZY. BLANKETS. If the economy goes to shit, I’m selling the house and living at the Super Lux (I actually think this is a viable plan).

Gratitude for distractions. Movies. Blankets. Anything not to have to watch our country disintegrate.