gratitude-a-thon day 718: was a sunny day

Waking up to a gentle rain. I thought it was going to be sunny again today, so I’m surprised. Yesterday was one of the top 10 most perfect days of weather ever. EVER. I kept thinking, what if I lived someplace that was like this every day? There was such a nice freedom to yesterday. I took the dog to the dog park with a friend and let him run. I went to yoga. I painted a table. I opened the windows. I made pizza for dinner. It was Columbus Day, so the ordinarily cray cray traffic wasn’t happening, and the people who were around were happy, on account of the glow-orious weather. I keep trying to remember that if you only ate dessert everyday, you’d really want some steak. (of course, I don’t believe it). A free day like yesterday, so sunny, and clear, and well, perfect, reminds you that such bliss exists. That you can’t have it all the time, unless you chose a better place to live than I did, reminds you to take in happiness when it’s there. I put yesterday in a mason jar to warm me up during the you-know-what (winter).