gratitude-a-thon day 689: test-optional


“Test optional.” That’s James-Taylor-live-at-Fenway-awesomeness. This article on why many colleges, including George Washington University as of this past July, are now going test-optional. Talk about great news (even if it’s for reasons that just push them higher in rankings–I don’t care, the fucking SAT’s aren’t going to be so burdensome anymore).


I believe you’re a “tester” or you aren’t, and that while those fill-in-the-blank sheets may prove your stellar capability in being able to think in a particular way, they miss a bunch of your intelligence, which can prevent your from attending a college that may be the perfect setting for your future academic life. Those tests are a big old Stop sign to living out your four years at the college of your dreams. See, I don’t believe they really predict how you’ll do at that college, I believe much more in the work ethic, the nose-to-the-grindstone motivation you’ve shown predicts much more what kind of academic success you’ll meet with. Fuck those fucking tests.


So, whether it’s really a self-serving reason that colleges and universities are 86ing test scores, I care little. They are going the way of the KKK, and that is some “KEG PARTY!” kind of news.