gratitude-a-thon day 500: thanks all you gratitude readers, yeah YOU

I wanted to thank all the readers of this blog on this day, because on Christmas you tell the truth. See clip from Love Actually:

And silly version from SNL:

And the truth is, I appreciate every time you read a post, every time you comment, every time you stop me on the street and tell me that you love my blog. It means something to me, and I wanted to thank you. I believe gratitude is one of the true paths to getting your happy on (along with dogs, good coffee, perfect jeans, any kind of flowers except for carnations and lilies, divine shoes, my favorite perfume, jewels of any denomination, potato chips, white rooms, blingy chandeliers, friends, friends, friends, family, beach, sand, blue water that’s warm, a sunny day.)

Merry Christmas, happy everything, I am grateful for you. (and you, and you, and you, and YOU). xo