gratitude-a-thon day 397: gratitude for the work

With my huge workload right now, at least I’m not pecking away on one of these. It would take me 247,332 years to get it all done.

I have a lot of work right now. I am grateful for the work, because as a freelancer it’s either feast or famine, and it seems I’m currently feasting on the content of Wegman’s (although, and I know this won’t be popular, since it seems to have taken over Brookline, I don’t like Wegman’s at all. It’s dark, it’s crowded, and I don’t like the whole “Wegman’s Brand” thing, but it is giant and it did suit my purposes here). Anyway, I’m trying to be extra grateful for this pile of work today, because I am extra busy and in order to give every client my best stuff, I have to pour on the gratitude so I remember that I’m lucky to be working with all of these really great¬†clients.¬†AT THE SAME TIME. Oooops, that seemed to come out of the non-gratitude part of my brain. Don’t worry, I squashed it.