gratitude-a-thon day 958: when you realize that it’s you who has to stand up

I was just texting with a friend. She’s not quite 30, and I am doing some writing for her website. Anyway, she said she’s been experiencing a lot of “Why the fuck do anything?” in the past week (a girl after my own heart). And of course, so have I. She went on to say “What’s the point?” And oddly, although I’m right there with her on that bus, I didn’t concur, I suddenly found myself texting that this was the exact time we had to stand up for our ideals. I’m telling you, I am waking up with a pit of despair in my stomach, dragging myself around like Linus drags his blanket, but i realized that this is really what I feel — that this is the time that we have to hold onto our ideals like Riley holds onto his bones when company comes (like they really want his bones).

This is the time to stand up, not sit down. It’s never been more vital to fight against racism and misogyny and xenophobia and anti-semitism,. It’s never been more important to support the LGBTQ community and the climate change movement. It’s NEVER BEEN MORE IMPORTANT to be kind to those who are fearful that they will be deported or discriminated against. I will not allow an amazing 30 year old to feel like she should get under the covers. I will not, I will FUCKING NOT let this election make me forget who I AM or what I STAND FOR.

You can’t either. We owe it to my friend. We owe to our kids.  We owe it to each other.

Last night John Oliver listed a number of organizations he says need help now more than ever. Gratitude to that John Oliver–I love when someone does my work for me, so I’ll pass them along and do your work for you.

Planned Parenthood,

The Center for Reproductive Rights,

The National Resources Defense Council,

The International Refugee Assistance Project,

the NAACP Legal Defense Fund

The Trevor Project for LGBTQ youth

The Mexican-American Legal Defense and Educational Fund.