gratitude-a-thon day 2028: these kids

Some people persist in believing the gun laws will never change, but there is a new element in the latest blowback of the most recent school shooting.

The students of Marjory Stoneham Douglas High School.

They are fearless and passionate and they are fucking angry. They have the energy and importantly the vote (now or very soon) that might begin to make the difference in this thus far losing battle against the NRA and background checks and assault weapons that you can get as easily as a gallon of milk.

These kids lived through something that will run through their heads for the remainder of their lives. They went to school, as usual, only on this day,  there was a mentally ill boy who had been able to get an assault weapon (not to mention several other weapons) who shot at them like they were in the bowels of war. Running down the hallway, hiding in closets, quietly texting their parents that they loved them, these kids lost 17 classmates and any shred of belief in the government who make laws.

These kids. These ordinary high school kids have become extraordinary, speaking out, defying authority, organizing rallies to discuss one of our country’s most pressing issues. These kids, who just a week ago were thinking about classic high school kid stuff, like what’s up for the weekend and what colleges to tour, are now thrust into a decade’s long debate that divides our country like a file folder divides office memos.

These kids. 

These kids with all their idealism and fresh energy and anger might just change what has been the unchangeable.

Gratitude to these kids in this moment.