gratitude-a-thon day 2015: reminder that this is not normal, people


I grew up taking for granted that the president of the United States was someone who had an aspirational air, who wanted to do the right thing, who had the moral character of Mother Theresa. It’s obvious, that many of our leaders have had less than stellar ethics, but Donald trumps them all.

As year two begins, Trump can’t stop saying things that are untrue, racist and just plain stupid.

His antics make me react as follows:

  • I get angry, like a festering boil about to erupt (how’s that for a gross visual).
  • I get fatigued from all the anger and hopelessness I feel and consider napping for the remainder of his presidency.
  • I get overwhelmed and just want to watch dog and baby videos, while eating carbs and checking out the housing prices in Canada.

I have to remind myself that it is imperative not to let anger, exhaustion or dog or baby videos (even the really good ones) get in the way of remembering that this kind of leadership is 100% unacceptable, that it is, in fact, NOT LEADAERSHIP AT ALL. And it’s not who we are as a country. I have to remind myself again and again and again.

So, I thought I’d remind you, too. In case you were in the fetal position waiting for this to end.

Donald Trump is a racist. There is no truer statement. He lies like Pinnochio, he has no soul. We can’t give in to making this the norm. Because it would be easy to turn our backs and ignore it all. But to be a responsible and human person, one must keep up the fight, keep remembering that there is decency and compassion in so many. Do not allow yourself to fade from the constant battering. Never let this become normal.

This is not normal. My gratitude to all those who continue to remind us on the news and on social media that this will never be right, no matter how many times Trump and his cohorts deny the lies.

This is not normal. This can never become normal.