gratitude-a-thon day 657: pretty is as pretty does


A friend and I were saying the other day that we were a little bit over Caitlyn Jenner. I think the initial curiosity about how she would look, and how the whole thing would play were engrossing, but then it seemed she was everywhere and the two of us felt a little bit like “That is just enough now. Basta, already.”

But last night, I sat through the entire length of the Espy’s because I was once again obsessed with how Caitlyn would present herself. I am a little bit of a media slut that way. I am fascinated by the decisions and care of how things like this are publicly handled. I mean, big picture, this is an unbelievable story. Olympic Decathalon winner, Wheaties Box Cover Dude, Macho American Hero, husband of three, daddy of 10 goes from wearing the pants in the family to wearing the bra. Last night as I watched the recap video of Caitlyn’s life, I was shocked at the irony of it all over again.

And the pain.

I believe the Arthur Ashe award for Courage was given to the right person. Others disagree. Caitlyn is not just showing us her flawless make-up and designer duds, she is showing us brazen and boffo bravery, the bravery to be yourself, whoever that is. She has turned this circus into a a cause, and for that, millions of trans people, and I believe, others struggling with not being part of the “norm” might be able to live their lives with acceptance and dignity. This is no circus, this is a movement. Girl is making a difference. I for one, am impressed by the immensity of her story, and the courage it takes to pursue this cause. Not to mention the other message that she is sending, which is, it’s never too late to pursue your dreams. As totally cheese ball as that sounds, this woman, at 65, did it. And with a lot of grace, I might add.

Some people think climbing Mt. Everest is brave. Some think jumping out of a plane takes guts. But being who you know you are, whoever that is can be the most courageous move you can make.  Congratulations to the new girl in town, Caitlyn. She may wear fancy clothes, and hang with celebs, but this chick is changing the world.