gratitude-a-thon day 409: more of the same

Still here.

Day four. Buh-bye bunion.

It was Vicodin city yesterday. I had ’em in the morning, experienced no pain for a while during the day, and then spent the night with them. They aren’t making me sick, which is really good, and they do take away the pain, which is also really good, so Vicodin for president.

The pain isn’t intolerable, but it’s not something, I’d say, want to order on a menu for dinner. It’s sort of burny and throbby. And it shows up in funny places on my foot. Right now, it’s in my little toes. I’m really not going to complain about it as a thing, because truthfully, with the V., it’s tolerable.

Friends came over and laid on my bed with me yesterday, and frankly I fell asleep during one visit. Drugs will do that. I watched tv and read and really haven’t yet hit that point where I want to go out. This is good, because once that happens, things become much harder. I am really tired of having to have my foot on top of pillows 24/7, though.

I might try to do some exercise today, like on the floor on a mat. That should be interesting. It’s Sunday, so the Times will keep me company for a while. If only I could easily get downstairs to get it. Everybody’s still sleeping.

Ok, only two more days until the big reveal at the doctor’s office, and like maybe a new set of rules, like one that says, you can walk around. That would be fucking great. Happy Sunday, everybody.


gratitude-a-thon day 407: guess who came over last night

A couple of the bouquets I’ve gotten. They really do cheer me up.
Me and the dog and the computer and the remote. That was my day.

I didn’t have any pain again yesterday. Unless you want to count the really bad tv I watched. I made my way downstairs, first time I crutched down, and was grateful I didn’t break anything, like my nose. I was once again ridiculously tired, and pretty zoned out, but I didn’t have any pain, and for that I was doing Rockette high kicks (not really, but I would have if I could have).

Then about 9 as I was watching an HGTV competition show, my back started to hurt and I started to feel sore all over my body. I had a hard time getting back upstairs, felt faint, but I did and crashed into bed, until guess who came over around 10:30? Yep, pain. I guess that lovely nerve block got tired of hanging around. Burny and stabby, my foot was a bit of a California wildfire. But interestingly, not near the bunion site, more in my ankle area and heel. I tried to wait it out to see if it was just a hit and run visit, but it was real, so I swallowed the Vicodin down and fell asleep pretty fast, waking up three hours later and wishing for another pill, like an addict. Anyway, I’ve taken three of those little devils now, and it seems like that’s what today will look like. If it doesn’t get worse than this, I should be able to manage, although I am getting a little bit of a throwy up feeling, which is one of my most unfavorite. Alrighty, that’s the wrap. Back to bed (I’m sitting in a chair for the first time). Riley has been perfect company (He always is).