gratitude-a-thon day 628: watermelon love


I am a¬†watermelon-a-holic. I’m like the old Lay’s potato chip commercial–“Bet you can’t eat just one.” I have a hard time not eating a whole watermelon. Swear to God. I have almost eaten a whole one all by myself. Not even exaggerating. I had my tonsils out in 3rd grade and the only thing that tasted good to me afterward was the juice of watermelon. I existed on the juice of watermelon for like three days. When I was pregnant with Jake, I ate a half of a huge watermelon the day of a doctor’s appt. and had gained 11 pounds in one month, which was five pounds more than I was supposed to gain. The doctor and nurse scolded me. I was baffled, because I really had been eating well. When I gained only three pounds the next month, we realized the previous month’s number had been watermelon weight!

Anywho, I am always trying to find good ways of serving and storing the leftover melon (that I fight myself not to devour), and I thought this was one way i’d never tried,¬†Here’s to your melons.