gratitude-a-thon day 905: back to the well


Sometimes when my mind is overflowing with emotions like the kitchen garbage can that nobody will empty, writing can feel like I’m having all my teeth pulled¬†without any of the good drugs. I get stuck in the muck of what I am feeling, and the only thoughts that want to make their way to paper (I mean computer, but doesn’t “paper” sound so much better, and also doesn’t “album” sound so much better than “download” and can we just all agree to use the better sounding word even if it’s not really correct?)¬†But, some things are too personal to write about. They, for instance, might involve other people (like my kids) and And hey, respect.

I think that’s why it’s been challenging to write this summer. I have had more than my share of things to be grateful for, but getting them out of me, while my head is swirling with the “what if’s” and “how will I’s” and “How can it be that my kids are ACTUALLY LEAVING TO LIVE IN THE REAL-ISH WORLD WITHOUT ME” seem to render my fingers useless.

Anyway, I am going to try and get back to my regularly scheduled daily gratitude-a-thon, on account of I know how good it is for me, especially when I am in what I would call, a little bit of a state. That is all.