gratitude-a-thon day 2022: gratitude reminder


Gratitude is always hanging around and ready to party and can shift your mood faster than a shot of Don Julio. Just when you’re thinking it’s all gone to shit, settle yourself and consider what it is you have in the very moment you’re having it. Take, for instance, your breath, the in and out that gives you life. Right there, sweet spot. How about what it is your sitting on, or standing on, it’s yours. What about your legs, those magical appendages that transport you everywhere you go! Is there someone you love, who loves you–bingo bango–gratitude money shot. The sky’s the limit, and the sky is a good one to set your sights on–always up there for your viewing pleasure, making weather and clouds and sunsets and stuff. Get in the game. There’s never a loser. And it will lift you to a better place every single time. But just remember, you can’t win if you dont play.