gratitude-a-thon day 2: thursdays

My favorite day of the week.

Isn’t the anticipation of something good as good as the actual event? That’s what the whole Thursday thing is for me. It’s like Saturday and Sunday’s pre-pubescent little sister, holding a big banner that says, “The weekend is coming. The weekend is coming.” I get a little thrill on Wednesday night, just knowing Thursday is happening the next day. There are also a couple of other reasons that I TGI Thursday. First of all, It’s the Times’ Thursday Style AND Home section–BOTH! For me, this is like a giant ice cream sundae, with a PIE ON TOP (the WHOLE pie, mind you). And my most favorite holiday is always on a Thursday. Thanksgiving is the best–No gifts, no decorating, no lists to worry about–just a day of complete and total gluttony, with people I love, with all my energy focused on gaining at least five pounds in 24 hours. Also, before I had 17 gazillion channels, Thursday night was the absolute best night on TV. I have literally grown up, in front of several different television sets, from the minuscule, apartment-sized Sony to our current monster-sized flat screen, watching Thursday night fare: Cheers, Taxi, Family Ties, The Cosby Show, L.A. Law, Frasier, E.R., Friends, Mad About You, Will & Grace, and of course, Must See TV, at it’s breakthrough best, the show about nothing, Seinfeld. These days, I’m glued to Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal, enchanted with the way Shonda Rhimes writes dialogue, wishing she could write scripts for me and all of my friends. Anyway, Thursdays are a little gift I get four times a month. A fatigued exhale from the work week, imbued with the happy knowledge that the mini vacation we call the weekend is on its way. Bravo, Thursday. You got it going on.

2 thoughts on “gratitude-a-thon day 2: thursdays

  1. I like the “pre” vacation time in the same way, when you have it planned, and are gathering your things, hopefully bathing suits, dieting to look the best you can in those skimpy summer clothes, and checking out the things to do on some wonderful tropical island.

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