gratitude-a-thon day 37: new york

The Parker Meridien. We love this place.

Sorry for missing yesterday’s post, I may be a little spotty this week, because it’s school vacation week, and we’re doing some road trips, and I have a sinus infection the size of  Volkswagen.

It’s morning, but I could eat one of these burgers right now.

I like to get to New York as much as I can. We usually go at least once a year, for one of the kid’s school vacations. We always stay at the Parker Meridien because they have a pool on the roof and it overlooks Central Park, so you can’t argue with that, plus it’s really close to Bonwit’s (and why don’t we have one of those?) and the mothership, Sak’s, and Uniglo (which is fun and cheap and not in Boston, either) and Barney’s. We initially began staying here because it’s a really kid-friendly place, and they used to love the pool, but this time, they haven’t been swimming once. Ah, teenagers. Also, I should mention that they have the best burger in town. It’s at this little place, that lore has it, was there before the hotel was built. And it literally is a hole in the wall, and only serves burgers, fries, milkshakes, beer, wine, the end. It’s a soup Nazi situation, where you better know what you’re ordering, or you go to the back of the line. It’s called The Burger Joint, but it’s only identified by a neon burger. You must go. In fact, you should leave what you’re doing, and go this minute. This is a kind of awful trip, on account of I’m sick. And so is Ally. And our friends Deb and Charlie decided to join us, and Deb isn’t feeling well and neither is one of her kids. So, we’re kind of a sorry group. But we have managed to do some great stuff. And it’s the kind of stuff that tells the story of why I could have written the jingle “I LOVE NY.” Here are just a couple reasons. There are about a billion more.

Saw Seinfeld here last year. What a New York experience.

1. The New York diner. Peter and I had one of these around the corner from us when we lived here before we got married. It was called the Silver Star. And you could get anything at this place. Really, ANYTHING. The menu was only slightly shorter than War and Peace. Recently we got turned onto the Brooklyn Diner. Last year we saw Seinfeld eating his breakfast there. It’s absolutely amazing food, and all the waiters are aspiring actors, so that’s kind of fun, too. It’s more refined than the diners I’m really talking about, but nonetheless, it’s delish. Plus, honestly, the woman next to us ordered a hotdog and it was the size of a dachsund.

2. The people. The people watching gets a freaking A ++++. There’s no place better, if people are your theater.

This show wins for staging and costumes, hands down.

3. And speaking of theater. The theater. We saw The Lion King. We saw it a long time ago, but it’s good enough to see again. And there are so many amazing options on Broadway, off Broadway, you name it. Rich, rich, RICH arts world here.

I was sick for my entire stay in NYC. This is how it made me feel.

4. And now that you mention art, we went to MOMA yesterday and saw The Scream, Starry, Starry Night and Christina’s World, plus a painting made of pollen, which was totally and completely tremendous. And we could have gone to like 700 other museums, too.

When I saw Elton, he changed costumes, like every third song
Don’t get me started on my man Adam. He is very cute, ladies.

5. Madison Square Garden. Wow. Big. Big. Big. Maroon Five and Neon Trees  was great, but equally cool was being in the famed MSG. I hadn’t been there since I saw Elton John with Nicky Barzetti on Thanksgiving day my sophomore year of high school. (John Lennon was his special guest, which I had predicted because they both had songs out that they sang back up on, and I could barely watch because I WAS SO SHOCKED THAT I WAS ACTUALLY RIGHT ABOUT JOHN LENNON–ONE OF THE BEATLES–BEING THERE)! And by the way, Elton John’s name was hanging from the rafters, as a retired number! Guess he won’t be playing there again!

Oh ABC Carpet. Why aren’t you my house?

6. The shopping. It’s ridiculous. And basically puts any other city in the States to shame. I haven’t gotten to do my rounds because I feel too awful, but I did manage to hit the Barney’s Warehouse Sale yesterday (it was picked over, so I got a big fat nothing) and ABC Carpet, which I would actually live in if they would let me.

I could definitely get into someone blow drying my hair everyday. Yeah, who couldn’t?

7. The Dry Bar. It’s a great little place, actually it’s beautifully designed, and all they do is blow dries. Nothing else, just the blow job. I took Ally and our friend Lily. My hair still looks awesome.

There are a whole lot of other reasons I love New York, although being sick in the city that never sleeps, isn’t one of them.

10 thoughts on “gratitude-a-thon day 37: new york

  1. So sorry that you’re sick, especially in NY where full energy needs to be on board just to wake up. I, as always, loved reading your blog. You named all of my top NY hits and I love that with limited capacity you still
    made it to ABC – that’s my girl!!

    1. you bet i did, although i thought it was entirely possible that i would lay on that couch in the photo and sleep. hope you are having a great vaca. btw, ran into anna and natalie in uniglo! xo

  2. I’m with you, Toni. We go as often as possible and now my oldest lives there and my youngest will be there this summer so even more of a reason to go. I’m going tomorrow for 4 days….yippeee! Sorry you’re sick. I had swine flu once when we were there and it was really, really awful. Feel better.

  3. Sounds great minus the sickness. Feel better soon. Lia has been begging me to go to NY. She loves it. Like mother like daughter. We even got up early last time (a year ago) to stand in line for the today show. We were with a friend and her daughter and son and the girls made a sign in the hotel room to get attention. I brought my markers and poster paper. Lia got sick towards the end of the trip. Our vacation isn’t until the first week of April and we are hoping to get up there. Its an 1.5 flight. Can’t wait.

  4. As Liz Lemmon put it so beautifully, “I want to go to there!” And I’ll add, with YOU. You are in the know, and a girl on the go, even with a nose she must blow. Oh, woe! Love the blog, Miss Toni. I feel like I’m having a conversation with you. Keep writing. Fabulouso!!!!!!!!

  5. You know it’s my hood. I’d love to take you on my nostalgia tour of the other boroughs sometime, You need to know Smith Street. Trust me.

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