gratitude-a-thon day 40: ann dowd and the oscars

Gosh, I love the Oscars. I love them just like I worked in an industry where I might actually be in contention for one. I love the pre-show red carpet, the actual red carpet, the fashion on that gosh darn carpet, and of course, the unpredictability/predictability of who will win and what they’ll say, or forget to say, or say in a some really dumb way that makes me always say, “I would have given a better speech than THAT.”

I did not see Les Miserable. Mostly because I hate musical movies (although I am fine with musical plays, go figure). I also despise Hugh Jackman for absolutely no reason. And while I hear that Anne Hathaway’s performance was stellar, I want to talk about another Ann who should have been in this category, but wasn’t.

Ann Dowd. She’s adorable and genuinely lovely. And a REALLY great actress, too. She should have won, but she wasn’t in the category. (I hate when that happens.)

Ann Dowd, is the sister of my close friend Deb. She has been a working actress for her whole adult life. She was pre-med at Holy Cross, but fortunately for us, she chose to be a pretend doctor, instead of a real one. (In fact, did you see Marley & Me? She was the warm and lovely veterinarian.) Anyway, Ann has been in all sorts of movies, tv shows, and plays. (I saw her in an Off-Broadway production of “Our Town,” in which she was amazing.) And she has won all sorts of awards. Last year she starred in a disturbing movie based on a true story, called “Compliance.”  Her performance, as a fast food manager, convinced by a prank phone caller posing as a policeman, to interrogate a young employee accused of stealing, got Ann got big time Oscar buzz and major critical acclaim. But Magnolia pictures didn’t have the funds to do a big splashy PR campaign for her, so she did her own, with support of friends and family, putting together $13,000 of her own money to send members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (the voters), the “Compliance” DVD. In the end, Ann didn’t get the nomination, EXCEPT IN MY BOOK. Because aside from being an extraordinary actress, she is an extraordinary person. She has three children, two of whom have special needs (and are exceptionally and awesomely special, I might add). One of those gorgeous kids is a foster child who Ann and her husband are adopting after a long relationship (with him and the courts). Ann is warm, and intelligent, and gorgeous and funny. She is generous and nurturing and genuinely one of the nicest people inhabiting our planet. So, really, I feel like the wrong Ann won. Because I count all that stuff, and I’m not saying Anne Hathaway isn’t a nice person, but I will go as far as to say she probably isn’t as nice as Ann Dowd. (BTW, Ann did win a National Board of Review Award and was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award, which she lost to Helen Hunt–nudity wins every time, as well as a Critics Choice Award.)

Anwyay, I didn’t love the show this year. I thought Seth had a couple of good moments that had me laughing out loud, but it was sort of an uneven show. I did find the cast of Les Mis singing really powerful (despite my disgust wtih movie musicals–I am being a bit Bipolar here, no?). And Jenifer Hudson and Adele were ABSOLUTELY OUT OF THIS WORLD AMAZING. And our hometown boy Ben winning Best Picture was really cool, shocking everyone (especially Spielberg). And for crying out loud, Jennifer Lawrence is adorable. And I just think Daniel Day-Lewis is the most lovely man that ever was (please don’t tell me anything different).

She is the wrong Anne, but she got the dress right (well, except for the boobs).
I can’t believe I’m posting a photo of Hugh Jackman, because I really don’t like him (except for he does have an old looking wife, which I did think was kind of great), but it’s the only photo of the the “Les Mis cast singing” dress I could find. It’s really beautiful, isn’t it?
Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.
The hair is bad, but that dress, AND THAT BODY. I’ll have what she’s having.
This was really one of my favorite dresses. I just wish Melissa McCarthy could have looked this gorgeous.

And as for fashion, I did like the wrong Anne. I wished her red carpet dress fit better in the boob area, but I loved the back and the necklace was just WOW. I also adored the dress she wore when she sang on stage. And why couldn’t Melissa McCarthy, who is so freaking funny, have a dress like Octavia Spencer. That’s how you dress a curvy girl. And my other two picks for “I wish I had that dress,” are Samantha Barks–simple and stunning, and Renee Zellweger, ohmygod. Of course, I wouldn’t mind having their bodies either.

And that’s it for the Oscar round-up. Thanks for watching. See you next year.

4 thoughts on “gratitude-a-thon day 40: ann dowd and the oscars

  1. So, for me Samantha Barks is the reason to see Les Miz. Her performance blew me away. And, I would have even nominated Helena B-C before Anne H (of course discussing Helena’s style is out of the question, but she was pee-in-your-pants funny in the movie). I feel the same way about Anne Hathaway as you feel about Hugh Jackman, except when she’s in The Devil Wears Prada. And, of course, I thought Ann Dowd was amazing in Compliance — what a quietly intense film and what a role! Which she executed perfectly.

    1. although i had never heard of her, i did think her voice was sort of out of this world during the les mis gang bang. plus, who can argue with the black dress? helena def has her own personal style. it’s not mine, although i will say that i actually loved the dress she wore last night. it’s just the bird’s nest on her head that scares me. anne hathaway, while doing well in the fashion department, has just gotten so cloying. ugh!

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