gratitude-a-thon day 49: soup

Soup’s on.

I had kind of a crap day yesterday. First of all, it was snowing and the weather people who I was feeling real animosity toward, were saying it was going to be a 4-8 inch snow storm. And well, it’s MARCH. And I hate snow. And I want spring. And I’m sick of the sleeping bag coat. A work thing happened that was icky. I had the chills all day. I missed my sister a lot. And the Times Style AND HOME section were disappointing. So, after I did some errands (I went to the hairdresser and got my hair dyed, if you must know), I came home and what did I do to improve my mood? I made myself some soup. This winter I have found that what I most want to eat, is soup. My daughter doesn’t like it, so I’m less than game to make it as much as I’d like to eat it, because really, who wants to cook two meals? (Not me, I don’t even really want to cook one.) Anyway, I have been trying hard to get as many vegetable in me as possible lately, so I decided to make some vegetable soup.

Now, I have pretty much perfected my chicken soup, but I only recently began making vegetable soup. And guess what? It’s sort of idiot proof. My dog could make it. (You know, if he had hands. And he didn’t want to wolf down all the ingredients before they made it into the pot. Not that he’s an idiot, because he is SO NOT.)

So, here’s the deal. It’s almost too easy to call a recipe, so I’ll just tell you what I did and if you feel like it, you can do it, or you can tell me how you do it.  In fact, give me some soup recipes people. That would be really awesome. Soup’s on!

I took olive oil and put it at the bottom of a soup pot.

I cut up onions (two) and carrots (three) and celery (6) and zucchini (1) and yellow squash (2) and a package of spinach (like a bazillion pieces) and sauteed.

Then I threw in one container of chicken stock and three cups of water.

Then I added a little pepper and some salt.

Then I answered some emails and noticed that The Huff Post was reporting that Kim Kardashian is traveling too much and thought she had miscarried. (thanks goodness I made soup, this almost put me over the edge. YES , IT’S A JOKE.)

Then I ate some popcorn while the soup cooked (15 minutes).

Then I ladled it into a bowl and sprinkled it with Reggiano Parmigiano and pulled the hyacinths close to me so I could smell them. And ta-DA, the day seemed better. The warm liquid started heating me from the inside and the all the vegetables seemed to be saying “Spring is coming.” And the cheese, well I wish it were snowing Parmigiano. That would be a storm I’d be grateful for.

9 thoughts on “gratitude-a-thon day 49: soup

  1. Looks yummy……..sound easier to make than my chicken soup and is probably better!!!! Love ya!

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  2. I made a lovely beef stew in the crock pot Wednesday morning and set it to cook to perfection while I was at work. I must say, it was delightfully yummy. BTW, I just got the crock pot as a wedding gift. How did I live for 53 years without one? May I have your chicken soup recipe, please? I am always grateful for chicken and anything containing chicken.

      1. Since I had all the ingredients for a mirepoix, I started with that, added to a bit of EVOO in the soup pot along with fresh thyme, fresh ground pepper and herbs de provence, to which a healthy portion of minced garlic was added after a few minutes of sautéing. Then in to the pot went the obligatory and expected box of organic, free-range, antibiotic- free, low-sodium chicken broth (it better be all that after my ranting in today’s blog post). Then I added a can of garbanzo beans, and tofu cubed into bite sized pieces. It’s now simmering and all that’s left is to chop up some fresh parsley, to be added just before serving, along with of course, some fabulous grated pecorino romano (from Venda Ravioli, Providence’s best Italian market, and I assume therefore the goats were administered no antibiotics). LOL OK, I’m serving it (to myself) with a piece of toasted Sicilian bread, drenched in EVOO, infused with crushed garlic and a minuscule pinch of hot Thai pepper flakes.

      2. if it weren’t snowing, i’d be over. sounds really good. kind of interested that you use tofu. will have to consider in future. buon appetito!

      3. You are always welcome for lunch (or dinner)! I like to use tofu to add an additional source of animal-free protein, and in this soup, it actually soaks up a bit of flavor!

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