gratitude-a-thon day 69: he’s in!

It was a reach school, and his first choice. and he’s in. he’s fucking in!

More later. I went to the pink concert last night and i went to bed at 1!

Grateful? OH YEAH!

4 thoughts on “gratitude-a-thon day 69: he’s in!

  1. Omg!!!!!!!! I’m on the train back to NYC and I said to myself, check out Toni’s blog, and I’m squealing with excitement!!!! He got in!!!! Huge congratulations to all of you. Wonderful news! Xo Brooke

    1. broooooooooooooooke–i thought of calling you to tell you, because i’d just droned on about him definitely not getting in there practically five minutes earlier! happiness times a bajillion! thanks for reading, and writing. it was really, really great to catch up the other day! xo

  2. thrilled for Jake…Stefan told me. On the other side of the equation are those kids who have been rejected by their first choice(s) and now have to decide on their ‘safety’ schools (heavy, heavy sigh) Color us heartbroken but trying to put on brave faces.

    1. i know, joc. i am in one of those situations with someone close, and it has definitely taken the edge off of my happy. i think our college application system sucks in the biggest suckiest way there is. even though we got lucky, believe me, i get it. something needs to be done about the process–it’s way out of control. i hope stef is going somewhere he is happy about. xo

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