gratitude-a-thon day 87: boston

I’m  interrupting the guest-a-thon for this important message. To the bombers of the Boston Marathon, I have two words: Fuck you.

While your pathetic actions have left thousands of people injured, body and soul, you won’t take away the spirit of our Boston. Or the world.

Because people are good.

For every person or political party like you, there are millions of people like the runners of the marathon. Their hearts and minds are true. Their commitment  to conquer 26.2 miles for the love of a sport, a cause, or a personal goal make you look silly. Because you can’t blow up their spirit, or their determination. For every cowardly person like you, there are policemen and firemen and plain old citizens who put their lives on the line to help others who encounter unspeakable disasters. There were thousands in this case, and there will always be thousands and thousands who will lay it all down for the good of another. You can’t bomb that kind of spirit. You can’t kill that kind of humanity with an explosive.

But you can, and did scare us. You can and did temporarily make us feel afraid. And you can and did change lives yesterday. If that was your point, and that feels pretty pointless, you can feel pretty good about yourself. But here’s the thing, we will recover. We will be different, but we will recover. Because we are strong. We are stronger than you are. We are stronger than ball bearings flying through a spring day to kill and maim. We will be ok. Eventually, we will be ok. Not the same, but better.

But you will not. Because every night, just before you go to sleep, you will know. You will know. You will know who you are. And so will whoever put you here on this earth. And that is real terror. You will have to live with your actions. I don’t envy that. Because in the end, at the end, it will be you who suffers most. It will be you who won’t recover. It will not be us.

My best love goes out to all those families whose lives have been changed by watching a marathon. I will keep you in my heart. Always.

Love that dirty water. Boston, you’re my home. 

3 thoughts on “gratitude-a-thon day 87: boston

  1. Our fucked up government/CIA could very well have been behind this. Wait and see. They may blame this on someone in the next country they want to fuck up and pillage and plunder for corperate profits. Hey, does this sound familiar, anyone?

  2. I don’t agree with Kenny, I think it will be some poor sick mentally ill person who is not getting the mental health help he/she needs.

  3. Miserable people do miserable things. All I can think of is a Bible verse , “You meant it for evil, but God meant it for good.” I believe this will bring out the best in us. The acts of kindness and generosity will continue to ripple forth. We shall see. Sending love to those who are hurting. Gosh, I LOVE this town and its people!

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