gratitude-a-thon day 94: the downright smarty-pantness of NPR

I only listen to it in the car, but I wouldn’t mind listening to it all day and all night. It’s just so dang smart.

While I am partial to belting it out with my current celebrity crush Adam Levine, or full on pretending I am Rihanna, or  Adele, while I’m in the car, I’m  also totally captivated by the over-the-top intelligence, sensibility, and downright smarty pants-ness of NPR, or in my neck of the woods, WBUR. The news is apt, and in-depth. The news reader is a friend who possesses all the stuff I like about NPR. Her name is Sharon Brody, and she is now not just reading the news, she is also writing for Cognoscenti, the station’s blog. She’s brilliant, and funny, and my neighbor, to boot. (She is also a really good mom of two totally stellar kids, plus a talented photographer–she even did me the favor of taking my son’s yearbook photo).

Sharon is really awesomeness incarnate.

I love anything that takes me suprises me, makes me think broadly, differently, or intensely. I like to be challenged by thoughtful insights, studied opinions, passionate views. NPR often takes me off-guard, while making me feel understood. What I mean by that is, it feels like it reaches a hunger deep down, that sometimes I don’t even know I have.

One of my absolute, hands-down favorite SNL skits. A dead-on parody of NPR.

I am partial to Fresh Air with Terry Gross (and even more partial to SNL’st parody of this show, “Shweddy Balls”). Tom Ashbrook has a smart and compassionate voice, and although I’ve never laid eyes on him, I’d trust him with my life. Robin Young has a lovely measured intelligence, with a soothing sound, and reminds me of my early days in Boston, when she hosted  Evening Magazine, a local entertainment/news tv show. (Ok, whoever REMEMBERS THAT is old).  And of course, who doesn’t love the party that is “Wait, wait, don’t tell me?” I am a fan of Radio Boston with Anthony Brooks and Meghna Chakrabarti, I listen to the BBC World Service, just for the accent.

If only the real world could all be as intelligent and thought provoking as NPR always is. It’s so smart, sometimes I don’t even sing anymore (which, if you heard me, you’d know, is actually a really good thing).

4 thoughts on “gratitude-a-thon day 94: the downright smarty-pantness of NPR

  1. Love, love, love NPR and my local WUNC here in Raleigh. I also listen in the car and my guess is that I spend WAY more time in the car here in NC than you do in Brookline! Hours and hours each day. I now have some of my kids hooked and even got some carpool kids engaged with ‘The Story’ which is a local show – conversations with intelligent people. I even won a drawing during the last WUNC fundraiser – an iPod pre-loaded with tons of NPR content. I’ve been listening my way through Car Talk (another fav) while I’m walking around soccer fields before games.

  2. Hello Toni – I am so grateful to you, for the gratitude-a-thon. Your missives help me get each day off on a positive note.

    Also a huge NPR / Sharon Brody fan!!


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