gratitude-a-thon day 158: way to celebrate

No post yesterday because we had internet issues. I’m on vacation and well, things don’t always go right on an Island. That could be applied to the weather too, as it HAS BEEN RAINING SINCE WE GOT HERE. But, that just means I have to work extra hard on the gratitude front. SO GRATEFUL THAT IT’S NOT SNOWING.

Anyway, I’m sure you’re all sick, sick, sick to death of hearing about graduation, but this is more of a design-ish, celebratory-ish thing. It’s what I did for Jake on our front stairs the week he graduated to make him feel the monumental-ness of the moment. I love branches (I think I was once a tree) and I have them tied to the stairs. At Christmas I put lights on them, and they were still up (no, I wasn’t that lazy, I just really like them), so I got these little paperclips from Paper Source and paper clipped up a a bunch of photo of Jake’s life, some award things, and programs from the pre-graduation events, and a little “congratulations” sign. During his party, it was sort of fun for people to see him as a baby and stuff.  But mostly it was fun to see his face when he saw it. That was the best part.





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