gratitude-a-thon day 174: we love each other, so it’s ok


With my son leaving for college in September, everybody is a little off kilter this summer. I think the separation has begun. Having crossed a line on the Vineyard, Jake has been grounded for three weeks. He gets out of lockdown this Friday, so watch out. This has put him in a mood. Ally, in preparation for Jake’s departure, has begun to push him away in every way she can, covering up the total trauma she feels about him leaving. Peter and I are trying to do our work, keep things moving, trying not to project into a Jake-less house. And of course, the heat has had all of us wanting to go postal at any given moment. No, this has not been one of our better summers.


What I’m grateful for, however, is that I know we all love each other, and that the very reason we’re all so fun-house mirror is because of that. Ah, life. It just keeps morphing  and changing. Figuring out a way to accept it is a full time job. I am the first to admit this is not my best thing. I have to work hard not to let big changes, natural changes, throw me. I am always seeking the balance.


On Peter’s birthday, we had a really nice walk on Moshup Beach in Aquinnah. I’ve been going there for 25 years. It’s a stunning beach with magnificent clay cliffs. The cliffs are eroding at a rapid pace. But even as it’s changing, there’s plenty of beauty to be had. I guess that’s why I think it’s a perfect back drop for pictures of our family right now. We’re in the process of shedding a layer, but there’s a new and different kind of lovely underneath. Yup, I guess it’s all about accepting the changes. Riding the waves. Being grateful for what’s what on any given day.


4 thoughts on “gratitude-a-thon day 174: we love each other, so it’s ok

  1. Yup! Sounds perfectly normal! Emerging adulthood behavior, in the quest for total independence, is a very strange psychological phenomenon. The good news is knowing it will improve 100% the day they leave. I am now making every effort to adjust to my new summer role as a frat house mom as there is a daily party event for high school and college friends in the backyard. Don’t even ask for the
    specifics!! All in all, they are great kids with sound moral compasses, albeit a few questionable judgement decisions. What keeps me going is knowing I will miss it all in September. As for Jake, chances are you and Peter have given him all the necessary tools to navigate the next phase of his life and he will use them well.

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