gratitude-a-thon day 176: i’ve never seen my husband’s penis in a text

“Carlos Danger” with his family.

Today my gratitude goes to my husband, who does not text his penis to other women. Or to me, for that matter (for which I am endlessly thankful).

How is it that Anthony Weiner (and by the way, if you wrote a book and had a character with the last name of Weiner, who couldn’t stop sexting his “thing” all over town, nobody would believe it, right?) who’s running for New York City’s mayor, decided to put himself back into pubic life, when he knew that his sexty ways were not entirely behind him?

Call me old fashioned, or just old, but I  like my sexual interactions to be in person. But if I didn’t, and I was in politics, I would not be sending my sexy self to anyone, let alone someone who was not my wife,  for fear that I might be damaging my career. Oh yeah, and if I were married, I wouldn’t be doing it at all. So, it seems to me that Anthony Weiner, aside from just being a cheating creep, has some seriously bad judgement. He apologized the first time he got caught sexting, and stepped down from his post in Congress, but he continued sexting after that resignation, under the name of “Carlos Danger.” He had the “danger” part down alright. Is this a guy you want heading up one of the country’s biggest cities? I wouldn’t want him running anything, except, like maybe a porn shop, which I think he would do really well.

I do believe that I should not judge his wife, Huma. They have their own private relationship, and political partnership, and that’s their own business. If she forgives him, I respect her feelings. But she must really love that dude, or he has given her a promise of unlimited jewelry for life, to be able to stand up for him and his cheating. I am not such a good woman (although a little jewelry goes a long way with me).

What is it with men and power? Why does it so often show up in sexually careless ways? Is it like the old dog joke: “Why does a dog lick his balls? Answer: Because he can.”

Sex is good. Sex is great. But poor judgement is bad. And Anthony Weiner has that. He should send that piece of information to all his twitter followers, with a picture of his face, not his penis.

6 thoughts on “gratitude-a-thon day 176: i’ve never seen my husband’s penis in a text

  1. For me, as with you — it’s not the sex part — go at it – send dirty texts all day long — no judgement on that — but it’s the lying and hubris that he shows which pisses me off. What kind of person thinks that this behavior will be forgiven Twice???? For a public position? But then again…I do believe the saying that absolute power corrupts absolutely. I’m still pissed off at Clarence Thomas after Anita (what’s her last name?) came forward to say he was inappropriate. I’ve worked for many many men who have never ever been inappropriate. It should not be that hard to find men with integrity. really.

  2. How about the mayor of San Diego out here in Cali ? Have you been following that story? There is much more of this kind of stuff to write about in that story.

  3. Anthony Weiner’s behavior makes no sense to me, either, but neither did Bill Clinton’s, Mark Sanford’s — the list goes on and on. Did they really do that??Undoubtedly there’s a Darwinian explanation for man’s recklessness when it comes to sex and power. However, given how predictably these things play out in the modern world, such vestigial transgressions are now mystifying to the point of being laughable.

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