gratitude-a-thon day 183: the giving tree, i mean wedding planner


Sometimes I like to live in a pretend world where everybody’s best selves are always showing. I think how amazing it would be if we all had lives that allowed us to give, instead of worry how much we could amass. Or that we all had enough, so we could stop having to carry around so much fear over not being able to pay for mortgages, or food, or medical care.

I found this story on the Huffpost. I LOVE that this wedding planner organized a total give-a-thon to create a wedding for this bride. This is a story of pure heart. This is the kind of thing that makes everybody involved a better person. This is what should happen more.

I rarely feel better than when I’m giving something to someone. I feel best when it’s a surprise, or goes a little above and beyond in the giving department. I like to make the give something personal, whether it’s time or a tangible something, or an idea. But I could give more. And that would be better. We could all give a little more. And it feels like it would be medicine for the whole world. I wonder why we don’t? As the wedding planner in the story, said, she wanted to do something extraordinary. Don’t we all?

I’m going to think hard on this. I love it so much, that I’m going to think hard about the whole idea. I”m grateful for having read it. It’s making me think. In a really good way…….stay tuned.

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