gratitude-a-thon day 186: a perfect summer weekend

Sky was still dark from storm, but there it was, a perfect rainbow.

I have been whiney about my bad vacation weather and my tooth for all of July. My tooth, as of this weekend, when I finished my antibiotics, finally feels bearable, and not a moment too soon. That was SO NOT FUN.

So, I just want to give thanks to my weekend, which took a great big bite outta summer. It was damn well near perfect, in fact.

Peter and Ally went to D.C. to visit Peter’s dad and the cousins, and Jake and I stayed home. My summer assault started on Friday night when I met my friend Luciana at Barcelona Wine Bar for an outdoor drink and dinner, which consisted of food I could eat for the rest of my life everyday and night. It was really fun, because it was A) Spontaneous B)  The light gave everything a beautiful glow, C) Luciana is so darn funny D) I stuffed myself with the most heavenly tomatoes from local Allandale farm, served with creamy herbed ricotta and the most delicious bread, as well as chicken pimiento, which has a bite that will make your lips burn.

The next day, my friend Colleen and I went to Crane’s Beach, which was packed, but perfect, and I ended the day with take-out from Barcelona (because I could not get the tomato and herbed ricotta plate from the night before out of my head and had to have a repeat) and watched a really good movie, The Lifeguard with Jake. Then yesterday, Colleen and I went to Crane’s AGAIN, and stayed until it closed at 8 o’clock, which meant that we stayed right on that beach during a storm. I wish someone could have taken our picture, because we took shelter under our beach chairs and it was pretty funny. After it rained, there was the most amazing rainbow, and then the black sky became totally sun-filled again with big, gorgeous, puffy clouds of all denominations. We ended the day with dinner at Woodman’s. I came home and watched the two hour season finale of The Killing.

A+ summer weekend!

Major gratitude. I am a girl of the beach. It is my church, and I am its disciple. Praise the sea. You saved me again.

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