gratitude-a-thon day 203: a new governor


This is Kayyem covering the marathon bombings. She had an intelligence that really stood out from anybody else covering the story.


Hey, I just heard  Juliette Kayyem is going to run for governor of Massachusetts. She is a real smarty pants. She has my vote.

One thought on “gratitude-a-thon day 203: a new governor

  1. tried to post this before but it didn’t ‘take’ – I’d look more closely at her….she was pulled off the air during the Boston bombing/CNN debacle for making false claims in their rush to report. Plus — and maybe I’m being anti-elitist here – but her experience as homeland, and Harvard teaching etc doesn’t mean she has any real experience understanding Massachusett’s very deep and fragmented political landscape. Homeland experience under Patrick?? that is not enough of an endorsement for me. I too like a smart person in charge – but the last smartest person in the room to lead the nation was Clinton, and he had years of experience in politics — we need a farm system like they have in sports – work your way up people! Okay – getting off my soapbox now!

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