gratitude-a-thon day 237: weather that’s just right


One time I embarrassed my kids by saying to someone, “I’d like to just put this day in a tupperware container and pull it out later.” They have never let me forget this. But, really, I would like to do that with the weather we’ve been having. Please do not tell my kids I said this  (they do not need more ammunition  to make fun of me).

The weather has been sheer bliss for the last week. It’s what I would like the universal weather pattern to be. Clear, blue sky, air you can breathe, with no humidity in sight, sunny, but not hot. It’s no socks, but maybe a little jacket. Not a giant body-swallowing down coat, mind you.

I am so affected by the day’s weather. What a joke this is, because guess what you absolutely have no control over? I live in fear of the cold snaps that force me to layer up and walk with my shoulders touching my ears. I love a snuggly cashmere sweater as much as the next girl, but I don’t need five degree weather to imbibe.

So, today I will take a long walk around Jamaica Pond and I will try and imprint the feeling of the air and the look of the sky so that I can pull it out in the middle of the winter, when I am shivering and cranky and longing for the warmth of a day like today. Yup, weather in a bottle.

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