gratitude-a-thon day 241: Enough Said

A great pairing. I give the movie an A.

I saw the movie “Enough Said” last night and I laughed and I cried, and at the end, I didn’t want to leave the theater because I wanted Eva (Julia Louis-Dreyfus, the lead) and Nicole Holofcener (the writer) to be my friends, and James Gandolfini (the lead) to be not dead.

This is one of the movies where the writing and acting blend seamlessly to create characters so real, and so approachable, you want them to be part of your life. I have always been a super fan of  Julia Louis-Dreyfus. I mean, the Seinfeld episode where we see Elaine’s total inability to dance made me love the actress forever. But The New Adventures of Old Christine cemented that love, and her role in Veep, where she is the V.P. of the country sealed the deal. But this role, in “Enough Said” is the ultimate. Her character is a fictional character who seems like your next door neighbor. And damn, I wish she was. Exquisite timing and subtlety, blended with a face that expresses itself minute by minute, makes Eva a girl you just want to know.

It’s a simple plot. But it hit me at a time when, many of you probably don’t know this, but my son has just gone to college (HA, HA!) and both Eva and Albert have only children who are leaving for college. They meet at a party and they start dating. I won’t say another word (enough said!), as I am notorious for giving away a plot.

Anyway, I cried for two reasons. One is that the college goodbye just got to me (although I have really been feeling ok), and two is that Gandolfini is no more. What a teddy bear of an actor. What a ridiculously premature loss. What a reason to go immediately on a diet so you don’t die of heart disease.

I just loved this movie. I just loved everything about it. That Nicole Holofcener knows how to write.

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