gratitude-a-thon day 245: starbuck’s howard shultz

The government shutdown is ridiculous. John Boehner should just get back to his obsessive tanning. But, hey Starbucks, look at you. Now this is something I’m grateful for in this giant mess. It’s as good as a Soy Latte, for crying out loud.


A D.C. Starbuck’s got it right. I mean, what are these workers supposed to do while the Republicans pretend to be three year old’s whose parents won’t let them  eat candy for breakfast. This is a serious situation that’s going on and the Republicans are acting iike the backside of the Democratic symbol. Yeah, there’s an elephant in the room, people. But you go, Howard Shultz, who’s pushing for CEO’s to end the government shutdown. My gratitude goes to you.

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