gratitude-a-thon day 249: how bout them sox?


Was anybody in Boston doing anything last night except watching our boys of summer brave a cool October night, against one of baseball’s best pitchers? Well, except for me, who was in actuality, watching The Good Wife and toggling to the game.

In truth, I am not a die hard baseball fan. But when the Sox get this far, I’m always in. Because this town gets electric. People stay up way past their bed times, there’s a layer of hope and pride and fun wafting through the air like The Sausage Guy’s cart on Yawkey Way. Even Boston drivers are slightly nicer than normal (not much, but a little).


I remember 2004, when the Curse of the Bambino was being challenged and Boston history was about to be made. The team we hated most, the Yankees, were trying to take away a history-making moment, and this city wasn’t having it. Ally was in first grade with a maniac Sox fan teacher, and Jake was in fourth. They made signs and put them up all around the tv. They went to bed hours later than their bed time on game nights, and when they were actually half awake, they could speak of nothing but the Sox. They wore Sox hats and shirts to school everyday. We had to keep the den in exactly the same configuration, for fear that we’d jinx the team.


I’ll never forget the adorableness of my kids watching Big Papi and Manny, Damon and Shilling, (before he became poor), not to mention, everybody else in town being so obsessed by some guys dubbed “The Idiots.” The sign on the Longfellow Bridge, which normally said “Reverse Curve,” was changed to “Reverse the Curse.” The Prudential Center read “Go Sox,” and the signs at the games were a whole other part of what made the series so damn much fun to watch (at least for me).

Peter took Jake to a World Series game, and I’m not sure who was more excited! In the end, we swept the Cardinals, and Boston exploded into a rolicking good time. The parade reeled in 3.2 million people, including us. It was one of the most fun times this city has ever had. There was dancing in the streets. Ally’s class made posters and paraded through Brookline Village, including through Town Hall. We went to a fundraiser, and got our picture taken with the trophy, and Terry Francona.

Detroit has a pretty impressive team, but the faith that Boston has, well, that’s pretty hard to beat.


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