gratitude-a-thon day 253: small bites friday


GO SOX! Game 5: check! And now back to crazy town, I mean Boston. We’re ready for you boys. WE BELIEVE.

It’s October and yesterday was 75. I will take it.

Congrats to Dax Shepard and Kristin Bell, who waited to get hitched until it was legal for same sex couples to do the same. As Andy Cohen would say, “mazel.”

And speaking of same sex marriage. I am loving this proposal. Now, that’s how you do it.

As my brilliant friend and global warming expert, Mindy Lubber (check out her company Ceres)  and Peter and I were discussing the other day, it’s hard to really experience the impact of global warming simply through statistics. You need to somehow see it it and feel it. Here’s an eye opener–your city underwater.

Kate Middleton goes outlet shopping. I knew I liked her.

The phenomenally talented author of Interpreter of Maladies, Jumpa Lahiri is up for the Booker Prize for her new book The Lowlands. I knew she wasn’t a one hit wonder.

Is anything as fresh as Mcsweeney’s?

BHS Back -to-school night was fun, as always. I am fairly sure I walked a mile and lost a pound!

If you’ve never taken a Duck Tour through Boston, now’s the time, it’s a blast and just for today, it’s free!

Hey Jake, this one’s for you. I wonder if buying really expensive green sneakers could be considered “self-compassion?”

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