gratitude-a-thon day 258: taking notice when the ordinary is extraordinary


I’ve always loved Oprah. In the early days of her show, when I was a freelancer, or pregnant with epic morning sickness, Oprah gave my day some structure and often a hit of heart. She’s lost some of her appeal for me, but I have to say that when  I watch Super Soul Sunday, I see that she’s just trying to get out the really important messages to a mass audience. This one from Dani Shapiro, author of “Devotion,”is really right on. “Recognizing the possiiblity of the divine in any given moment.” I do believe the full/half double rainbow over the soccer field yesterday, which stopped the whole crowd in its tracks, was one of those moments to take in. An ordinary ass whooping became something I will never forget. You had to take notice. And I did. (Partly because it was actually so incredibly unusual, I thought it could be the freaking Rapture.) Anyway, this is a good reminder to be present. Gratitude goes to Ms. Shapiro today.

One thought on “gratitude-a-thon day 258: taking notice when the ordinary is extraordinary

  1. Oprah is the first person who taught me about gratitude. I remember it so distinctly. It was the year 2000 and it was a V bad year for me to say the least (think everything bad about an alcoholic — not me — that you can think). Her magazine had *just* come out and she told me over drinks (not really) that there was *always* something to be grateful for, no matter what, and I’ve been grateful every day since. She also taught me — You are what you think; so put good thoughts in your head. Also v helpful. I don’t watch her channel and I no longer read her magazine, but I’m still a disciple. She’s been my “school of life.”

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